As I sit here writing this post I think back to when I posted my hand crafted wine glasses. Whenever I create something new I always ask, will it sell? It seems if there is doubt in my mine of its acceptance it does very well.

Last week Pelham Gifts held a special event on Tuesday evening and my wine glasses were the hit of the night. The shop sold a set of two and received a special order for four. I also received an order for two glasses from that post. Needless to say I have been turning like  crazy and generating quite the pile of shavings.

My 16 month old grandson Lucas takes great pleasure in watching the chips fly and helping Pepere sweep them up or I should say spread them all over the place, but thats OK it makes him happy and me as well.

One of the biggest craft shows of the season will be taking place at Rockingham Park in Salem, NH on Nov. 9, 10 and 11.

Pelham Gifts will be represented at this show, so please stop by.

I will be posting pictures of the latest version of my wine glasses in another post.

See you soon